On the Beach Tofino Wedding Videos

Adele & Sandy – Vow renewal on Meare’s Island

The biggest challenge I had when putting together Adele & Sandy’s film was deciding what to include and what to leave out of their edit. Despite only spending a few short hours with them, I was able to capture so much. Since it was just the two of them, their celebrant Barbara Densmore made sure Adele and Sandy took their time to read through the vows and promises they wrote for each other to let things really sink in. She also included some important symbols  to tie together what mattered most to Adele and Sandy’s relationship. Their Family. Adele and Sandy brought a stone from their home in Alberta, which they marked and left hidden at the ceremony site. They also collected five small stones from the island’s pebble beach to represent Adele, Sandy and their children. The stones took the place of rings, over which Adele and Sandy sealed their new vows. The day was warm and peaceful, the ceremony simple and beautiful. Congratulations, Adele & Sandy, on 10 years of marriage. Thank you for letting me take part.



Brandi & Neil – The Grand Entrance

Like most couples, Brandi & Neil wanted their wedding to be unforgettable. The way they went about doing that was a little different than most. Brandi wanted to make a big entrance, so she decided to arrive at her ceremony not in a limousine, but in a helicopter! To make this an unforgettable entrance it had to be kept secret, so the only people who knew were the planners, photographers, myself and the marriage commissioner. She even managed to keep the secret from her Dad, who was to walk her down the aisle. She told him that she wanted some photos together before the ceremony. I think he must have figured it out when we pulled into the Atleo Air hangar at the Tofino Airport. Brandi’s Dad was already looking forward to walking his daughter down the aisle, so the chopper ride was icing on the cake for him. He was smiling ear-to-ear the entire time. The energy and excitement of the helicopter at the beginning of the ceremony carried throughout the rest of the day, and their reception was filled with lots of laughter, love, hugs and dancing.

Brandi & Neil were married on Mackenzie Beach by Andrea Hanson and had their reception at the Tin Wis Resort.  Their flowers and decorations were provided by Petal & Kettle and their cake was made by Coastal Cakes. The guys from Vivid Photography were there to capture some amazing photos. The helicopter entrance was piloted by Josh at Atleo Air. Thanks you, Brandi & Neil for making me a part of your big day, and thanks for the chopper ride!!!


David & Rebecca at Middle Beach

When Rebecca contacted me last spring to inquire about booking me for her wedding, she said she was acting on the advice of all of her girlfriends who were recently married. With a few months to go before her big day in Tofino, Rebecca asked her newlywed girlfriends what they wish they had done differently now that their weddings had come and gone. Rebecca said it was almost unanimous that everyone wished they had hired a videographer. A big part of what makes weddings special is getting families together, which doesn’t happen very often. While wedding photos are beautiful and can bring back some special memories, there are certain things that only video can fully capture.

In David & Rebecca’s case, one of those things is when one of their guests pulled out a ukulele and sang an Elvis cover, then read a poem that they wrote earlier in the day. Another was when the entire reception hall sang Rebecca her childhood lullaby as their version of the kissing game, or when Rebecca serenaded her new husband with “You are my Sunshine”.  They are all moments that one will never forget, but would like to relive again from time to time. This wedding was so full of special moments, it was truly a struggle to fit everything I wanted into the highlight video. The day was gorgeous from the foggy morning to beautiful sunset, the ceremony was personal and intimate, and all the toasts were eloquent and heartfelt. David and Rebecca are truly fortunate to have each other, and to have so many loving family and friends who surround them. That’s what weddings are meant to celebrate.

Dave & Rebecca were married at Middle Beach Lodge in Tofino. They were photographed by Gabe McClintock. As you’ll see in the video, Rebecca did her flowers herself! I think she might have done this before…

Anna & Aaron

Even if they came from Utah, Anna & Aaron are a true West Coast couple. They had met in Vancouver while working on the 2010 Olympics and really fell in love when they came to Tofino together for the first time. So it only seems appropriate that five years after they met, Anna and Aaron would be back in Tofino once again along with their new daughter and all their closest friends. Their love for the area is obvious and they really wanted their guests to embrace what the west coast has to offer. On the evening everyone arrived in Tofino they were greeted with a  crab cookout right on the beach amongst the driftwood, then on the morning of the wedding they all cast off to enjoy a whale watch with Jamie’s Whale Watching.

I admit that when I heard Anna & Aaron had both worked to plan the opening and closing ceremonies for the Vancouver games, a part of me wondered whether I might see animatronics and fireworks during their ceremony.  As it turns out their wedding was decidedly the opposite of spectacle. The only fireworks were emotional, the ceremony was held deep in the rainforest and reserved only for Anna & Aaron’s closest loved-ones. The reception dinner was held on the Wickanninish Inn‘s secluded Shell Beach, and in true west coast style they enjoyed a salmon barbecue followed by cocktails around a bonfire. The wedding as a whole was intimate and beautiful, but most importantly it celebrated the love that Anna & Aaron shared together. In the end the only nod to their connection with the Vancouver Games was their wedding cake in the shape of the Olympic rings which came out aglow in sparklers.

Despite being such an intimate wedding, it was packed full of so many great moments that all needed to be included in the final film. From the whale watch to Anna & Aaron’s vows, so many priceless moments with their adorable daughter Meena and such great toasts from both Anna and Aaron’s fathers, none of it could do to be left out and the end result is my longest wedding film yet! Thank you so much, Aaron & Anna, for making me a part of your special day.

Elopements and Secrecy

I have come to realize that part of my job involves keeping secrets. Sometimes I have to keep planned surprises by grooms hidden from brides, like I did with Scott and Fiona and their fireworks show last summer. More recently, I helped hide the surprise entrance of a bride to her ceremony via helicopter (stay tuned for that video)! When it comes to elopements, the secret is often the wedding itself. After all, isn’t that part of the excitement of eloping? Running off to get married before anyone finds out! Well, people will find out eventually of course, so it is nice to have something from your special day to share with the people who matter when you’re ready to break the news. In Scott & Melissa’s case, while they came to Tofino to marry with just a few witnesses last spring, they decided to keep the details a secret until a family party this past August weekend. Now that the secret is out, I finally get to share their video! I’m glad the time has come because I really think it turned out great.

Melissa & Scott were married at Long Beach Lodge by June Hanton, and photographed by Karley Bracey. Flowers by Crab Apple Floral.

Tofino Guerilla Film Contest – I Won Again!!

A couple weeks ago was the 6th Annual Tofino Film Festival and my favourite event of the year, the Guerrilla Film Competition! This event is so fun because everyone in town crams into the Shelter to show off their videos, which are usually pretty silly and hilarious. Last year, I actually won the event along with a couple of hilarious friends, Sarah and Kaela, for our video “Sh*t Tofitians Say”.  This year, Kaela and I were making videos apart from one another, so I knew I’d have some stiff competition if I wanted to win again. So I went big. Once I got my idea, I knew that if I could pull it off it would be amazing.

To be honest, this is a video I’ve wanted to make since high school, when I started making shorts for fun with friends. That’s exactly what this video was really all about, me and a few buds making a movie just for the fun of it. The Guerrilla contest just gave a good reason to do something we always wanted to do! Winning again was just a bonus!

The Local Menace from On the Beach on Vimeo.

Valentine’s Day Special!



Storm Watching

Storm Watching from On the Beach on Vimeo.

Today was the biggest storm of the winter so far, so I decided to grab my camera and head to Ucluelet’s Wild Pacific Trail to capture some of the 20 foot swells coming to shore. I shot this in a couple of hours and slammed the edit together right after. It’s not perfect, but it’s fun to see what I can pull together in a short time.

The wild, unpredictable winter weather we get on the west coast is a big part of what I love about living here. Today was my first time really checking out Ucluelet’s Wild Pacific Trail, and I was really impressed with what it had to offer. With all of the old growth forest and abundance of ocean viewpoints, the trail easily rivalled anything inside the neighbouring National Park.

Mark & Heather – Wedding in the Gardens

Heather & Mark from On the Beach on Vimeo.

So many couples choose to get married in Tofino because this place already means so much to them, and Mark and Heather are no exception. Mark and Heather both came to Tofino as kids with their families, it was their first getaway together when they started dating, and it was on Florencia Bay where Mark proposed to Heather. So, it’s only fitting that Tofino was their wedding destination. In true Tofino fashion, their wedding day was blessed with unseasonably nice west coast weather. The forecast called for a downpour and they even held their rehearsal under the tent. But, after a little morning fog, the weather broke in time for the ceremony, and the sun even broke through as Mark & Heather were pronounced husband and wife! Aside from the weather, what made their ceremony so memorable was that it was officiated by a close friend of theirs, Paul. This made the ceremony that much more intimate and personal to them and everyone involved.

Their reception was held at the Tofino Botanical Gardens and featured the best cocktail hour I’ve seen yet. Put on by Chef Tim May of Red Can Gourmet, it featured champagne, oysters and appetizer stations spread throughout the garden paths and old growth forest trails for the guests to wander and explore. The entire day was organized and facilitated by Sheila and her amazing crew at Rare Earth who did an outstanding job in making sure Mark and Heather had a seamless, perfect wedding day. I’m so grateful to Mark and Heather for having me along for such an important day in their lives and I can’t wait to see them in Tofino again (and there is no doubt I will)!

Also, be sure the check out the days photos from their friend and photographer Tegan McMartin.

Scott & Fiona: Fireworks in Ucluelet

Scott & Fiona’s wedding day was all about their guests. I mean, of course the day was about them and the important milestone that they were about to achieve. However, so many of the details were about making sure their guests had a great time and felt like an integral part of the day. When I asked Scott why he wanted to have his wedding in Ucluelet, one of the reasons that stood out to me was that he and Fiona wanted to get all of their friends and family together not just for an afternoon and evening, but for a weekend. He had heard from friends that a wedding day will fly by, and Scott and Fiona wanted to make the most of the time they had with everyone together.

When they were planning the wedding, one of the things they put most of their time and effort into were their centrepieces for the reception. Instead of an elaborate flower arrangement, Scott and Fiona built photo albums customized to each table, filled with memories that they shared with each group. During the cocktail hour and throughout the night, it got people talking, laughing and reminiscing. The photo books also acted as a guestbook that guests could sign at their leisure. Being especially interested in technology, Scott and Fiona built their own awesome, custom wedding website for their guests that integrated with the “appyCouple” smartphone app. While it did help their guests with information about the logistics of the day, the best part of the app was that all the photos that people took with their phones were shared online for everyone else to have and enjoy. Going through the photos was like a collage of hilarious, spontaneous, touching, (and sometimes blurry) moments from the entire weekend. Of course, guests were also treated to the ever popular “Four Frames” photo booth.

The high point of the entire day was Scott’s surprise fireworks show. It was a surprise for Fiona to be sure, as only Scott, the photographer Angela and myself knew about it until minutes before. Once it was dark enough and Fiona had been coaxed out of the reception hall, Scott quickly rallied the entire wedding back out to the Fetch patio overlooking Big Beach. What resulted, you can see in the video. It was the perfect surprise for Fiona, who loves fireworks, but it was also the ultimate way that Scott made sure his guests were part of it all.